Get cozy with these warming cocktails. 12 drink kit: 750ml Ahus Akvavit: This Swedish spirit uses a very specific blend of herbs for the recipe that gives it its unique, refreshing finish and gives it a unique spot between a gin and vodka. The spirit is distilled from grains and potatoes like vodka but flavored with herbs to give gin lovers their beloved details. It is an intriguing blend of caraway, fennel, citrus, and rosemary. 


Gothenberg: Ahus, Dry Vermouth, Sea Buckthorn syrup, Black Walnut bitters. Garnished with a walnut and cranberry skewer. 


Badger's Bite: Ahus, Lingonberry jam, lemon, Black Walnut bitters. Garnished with a fennel with sliced crisp bread. 

Holiday Kit: Nordic Winter