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6 drinks


Spicy Gold Rush

Bourbon- 375 ml


Earl Campbell

Cognac- 375 ml



Prickly Pear Margarita

Tequila- 375 ml


Rose Water Martini

Vodka- 375 ml


Monongahela Mule

Bourbon- 375 ml



A bright and fruity margarita using fresh prickly pear. The nopales cactus fruit gives the margarita a bright and subtly fruity take. Make one or make a pitcher. 


Espolon tequila, house-made prickly pear sour syrup, lime juice, himalayan salt rim.

What can make your ginger mule more summery? Mint and raspberries. 

Elijah Craig bourbon, house-made mint syrup, lemon, raspberry jam, topped with ginger beer.

A beautiful and elegant martini to enjoy in your garden...or anywhere!


Tito's Vodka, rose water, simple syrup, rose petal garnish. 

Refreshing and floral. You can't get much better than this summer-time sipper. 


Courvoisier Cognac, lemon, simple syrup, rose water, rose petal garnish.

Spicy but refreshing. Kick up the heat just a little on this bourbon daiquiri style cocktail.


Elijah Craig bourbon, house-made jalapeño honey syrup, lemon juice, lemon garnish.

 Take these kit on the go with a to-kit and or varying levels of tools to get the perfect cocktail every time.

The Combo KIT

5-6 drinks


Giving you a mix of spirits and cocktail styles. You'll find something you'll love. 



The Smoking Plum

A low abv simmer fizz with smoky plum and thyme syrup. 

Absolut Vodka, house-made smoked Oakland Hills wild plum and thyme syrup, lemon juice, topped with soda water. Paper garnish.

In Due Thyme

Giving the old-fashioned a garden feel with thyme syrup.

Elijah Craig bourbon, house-made thyme syrup, angostura bitters. Rosemary garnish.

Grapefruit Negroni

Grapefruit cordial adds fruitiness to the traditional negroni. 

Tanqueray gin, sweet vermouth, Campari, house-made grapefruit cordial, rosemary garnish