Making Cocktails
(Currently taking orders 10 + ONLY)

Craft Cocktails. At Home.

Seasonal ingredients, swanky brands, curated recipes by our mixologists.
You're an adult. Now you can drink like one. 


We curate. You order.

We make a kit with one to two seasonal cocktail recipes. You'll get everything in one box- the tools and booze all the way to the garnishes.

Delivered to you.

A complete bar in a box with showcase spirit, liqueurs, bitters, fruit, house-made syrups and even hand-made garnishes are delivered to you. 

Mix, shake, stir. Repeat.

Put your work down and your glass on the table. Follow the recipes and enjoy craft cocktails at home.



(Currently taking orders of 10+ ONLY)




12 drinks

Gothenberg and Badger's Bite

Kit includes: 750 Ahus Aquavit, housemade sea buckthorn syrup, dry vermouth, black walnut bitters, lemons, lingonberry jam. Professional cocktail tool set. 

Try our favored Swedish spirit that will please vodka and gin lovers alike. Bright flavors with a comforting warmth that will make all merry.


12 drinks

Came Back Haunted and Botafogo

Kit Includes: 750ml Barbancourt Dark Rhum, 375ml Fair Acai Liqueur, housemade tamarind syrup, coconut cream, celery bitters, oranges. Pineapple spear and coconut dipped orange garnish.  Pro cocktail tool set.

We'll bring the tropics to you.


6 drinks

Spicy Gold Rush and Thyme Old Fashioned

Kit includes: 375ml Elijah Craig bourbon, housemade honey jalapeno syrup, housemade thyme syrup, angostura bitters, lemons. Lemon and Thyme sprig garnishes. Pro cocktail tool set. 

Kill time with a take on an old-fashioned and a daiquiri that serves a kick.


6 drinks

Cactus Rose and Sonoran Old Fashioned

Kit Includes: 375ml Espolon Blanco tequila, Campari, simple syrup, house made plantain syrup, chocolate bitters, lime. Plantain chip, lime and Himalayan salt garnishes. Pro cocktail tool set.

Get your tacos and taste buds ready.

Non-Alcoholic KIT

12 drinks

Monongahela Mule

Kit Includes: 700 ml Seedlip Garden (non-alcoholic spirit), raspberry jam, housemade mint syrup, lemon, ginger beer. Mint garnish. Professional cocktail tool set.

Enjoy all the delicious flavors of mixology without the buzz.


Virtual Cocktail Class +$400

You'll learn about each of the ingredients, proper technique, cocktail history, the guidelines for creating your own cocktails, and probably some bad jokes. Add this on to any purchase to maximize your team's experience.


You're an adult. Now you can drink like one.

Fresh Makes Delicious

You won't get a box filled with pre-packaged product. We use fresh, seasonal fruits, herbs and spices and house-made syrups. 

Full-size Bottles

Your monthly box comes with full size bottles of booze to add to your home bar.  

Decorating Cocktail

...chocolate bitters & lavendar syrup?

Creative and beautiful cocktails. Crafting bar-quality cocktails at home never got easier. We'll make you look good.

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Mixology Team

Straight from First Edition Oakland, they are brainstorming and curating the recipes. Ready for more? Talk to us about virtual cocktail classes!

Corporate Gifts

Contact us for customized packages to send to employees or clients. Schedule a virtual cocktail class and get the whole team involved!
Cocktail Making