Curated Cocktail Menu

Making amazing bar-quality cocktails at home won't get much easier and more affordable.

"...lavendar syrup and chocolate bitters?"

Creative, complex, and beautiful cocktails. We use seasonal ingredients, high quality spirits and homemade syrups.

Mixology Team

Straight from First Edition Oakland, they are brainstorming and curating the box. Sign up for virtual cocktail classes!


We curate. You order.

Delivered to you.

Mix, shake, stir. Repeat.

Pick a box. Purchase, subscribe or gift it. Add the tool kit to make a perfect cocktail every time.

You get a box with it all- spirits, liqueurs, bitters, fruit, juices, syrups. Follow the recipes or watch the videos online .

Put your work down and your glass on the table. Subscribe to continue building your bar and your repertoire of craft cocktails.

Each month a box is released with everything you need to make the included recipes. You'll be building your skill-set and your repertoire with each box ordered. You'll also be buiding your bar as you acquire more bottles. Enter, the secondary cocktail list.
The Secondary Cocktail list
The exclusive secondary list. Each month, when a new box is released, so is a SECONDARY LIST of cocktails that you can make with ingredients from past boxes. You'll acquire an arsenal of specialized modifiers (like bitters or vermouth) and a more comprehensive cocktail list opens up for you. Let's grow that bar!


*you can always restock your bar at our Bottle Shop or repeat a box!